Son of Service (SOS) is a multiuser volunteer management database for non-profits, charities, schools, churches, and clubs. SOS will keep track of your volunteers, their contact information, availability, work history, comments, reminders, and relationships. It will help you quickly find the right volunteer for the job and e-mail him, and it will make reports about how you are using volunteers. Read more features.

SOS is a helpful tool for organizations with many volunteers or multiple volunteer coordinators.

SOS is free

Your organization helps people for free, and your volunteers work for free. So you know there is a "free lunch."

SOS is free. It's free from charge, and SOS also provides freedom from many restrictions. Download the program, install it, and use it without buying expensive licenses. Use it on as many systems with as many users and volunteers as you have. Use your choice of server operating system. (You don't need to buy a database or other server software.) You can even modify SOS to meet your specific needs because the full source is available to you.

Is "free" still seem strange? SOS is free like other open source projects: Mozilla Firefox, (like Microsoft Office), CiviCRM, and many others. One reason SOS is free is it does not include any services (like Google provides hosting and maintenance services for Gmail—which is supported by advertising, by the way). You provide your own services using in-house expertise or a consultant, but you won't get locked in to a service provider: you can easily switch any time because of SOS's design.

SOS's open source license guarantees it will always be free. Unlike other licenses which limit your rights, the GPL license grants you rights.

Current status

SOS was started about 2003 written for a local non-profit that serves the homeless, but written generically to be used by any organization. As of 2011, SOS has not recently been actively developed. Other than sending email out of the system, SOS is solid and free of bugs. It's simple, easy to install, and easy to use, but it lacks some sophisticated and mature features. If you need more features and an actively-maintained system, consider CiviCRM.

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