There are two demos.

Interactive demo

Please try this demo to see if SOS is right for your organization. Beforehand, you may want to read the volunteer coordinator tutorial to learn how to use SOS.

Though the demo is shared, it is reset periodically. You are welcome to make changes which will be erased.

Login with the user name admin and password admin. If this login address does not work, you may also try unencrypted login.

Tip: To see the volunteers quickly, click on the Search tab then the Search button. Then click on a volunteer's name and notice a new line of tabs is available at the top of the screen.

Video demo

This demo gives you an overview and a feel for Son of Service. If you have Adobe Flash properly installed in your browser, view the demo movie with narration through on-screen typing (play time: 3 minutes). Note: The video is somewhat large (8.4MB) and takes about 20 minutes to download on a dial-up connection.